Young Masters

Visual Art School
Regular Painting, Drawing & Sculpture Classes for Children in Bradford and Leeds

Young Masters Winter Exhibition 4 - 11 February 2017 Kala Sangam Arts Centre
Lidia with Mum - 'Thank ya so much for a great exhibition!'
Leo with Mum and Dad - 'Another fantastic exhibition, amazing art! Well done artists and tutors!'
Marie O'Reilly, Parent and Visitor - 'It's wonderful to see all this happy art!'
Gracie, Student - 'WOW! Loved it! Thanks!'
Becky, Student - 'So fun! Got a selfie with the Lord Mayor!'
The Kearles - 'Just awesome!'
The Deightons - 'Yet another triumph! Well done all!'
The Goodchilds - 'Absolutely beautiful exhibition! Stunning artwork! Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication. Blathnaid loves her Art Class and has gained so much from it. And we are so proud of her work'
Aimee & Emma's Parents - 'Thank you for all the hard work and patience in teaching the kids. My girls always look forward to coming in the class every Monday'
The Downs - 'An amazing collection of work by very creative and talented children who have been inspired and encouraged by a wonderful team! Long may Young Masters continue to inspire our young people'
Anonymous - 'The children have all worked so hard - well done! Thank you for the opportunity Young Masters has given our children and thanks to the team for their support and teaching'
Ruth Fettis, Artist and Visitor - 'A beautiful and inspiring exhibition! Well done to all the artists and their wonderful teachers. Feels so free and happy, full of life'
Zac and Zane, Students - 'We love art because we can get messy!'
The Tu Family - 'Thank you, Virginija for having the endless passion and drive to keep Young Masters going! I wish this existed when I was a child and I am regularly thrilled and impressed by the work and the effect on the children with every week and term. The children are so proud to know that they are Artists. The knock-on effects are immeasurable. Wonderful exhibition - yet again. Love x
The Penn Family - 'Brilliant exhibition. The effort that has been put into this work is trully outstanding'
Sally McArthur, Artist and Visitor - 'As ussual exceptional work! Amazing'
Rubee Bhalla, Visitor - Very talented children. Fantastic!'
Saffy Evanns, Parent and Visitor - 'Amazing work! Loved it so much, came to visit twice!!'
Mathew Smith, Parent and Visitor - 'This art group has been brilliant for Isaac's independence and creativity - the work he and other kids generate is stunning and he is only 5'
Colin Neville, - 'A very impressive exhibition of work - some really imaginative and creative ideas displayed here. Congratulations to all the children and their clearly dedicated tutors. David Hockney, look out! there is an abundance of talent in this city that bodes well for the future'
Geoff Reid, Lord Mayor of Bradford - 'I am very pleased to be part of the celebrations of the excellent work being produced by Bradford artists at the Young Masters Visual Arts School. It is great to see young people in the district expressing their creativity'
Young Masters Landscape Exhibition 22 - 28 October 2016 Cliffe Castle Museum Keighley
Isabel & Jason Pittock, Parents and Visitors - 'Another wonderful exhibition. Such talented children with fantastic imagination. Thank you for organising this and thank you for your hard work!'
Lucy & Greg Shaw, Parents and Visitors - 'Such a fantastic exhibition again! Thanks so much for organising it and getting the most out of our creative kids!'
Nan & Grandpa - 'What a great exhibition and what a lovely lady that puts such hard work into it. Well done!'
The Deightons - 'Another triumph by Virginija & the team!'
Mark & Debby Gill, Parents and Visitors - 'Great job Young Masters! Really enjoyed the exhibition as always. Thanks for all your hard work again!'
David & Stella Dawn, Parents and Visitors - 'Amazing to see such wonderful artwork from young children in a beautiful display and venue. My son is loving the classes - keep up the good work!'
Pauline Gradzinska, Parent and Visitor - 'Enjoyed every minute!'
The Wilsons - 'Beautiful pictures, lovely presentation! Molly loves Young Masters'
Visitor from Scotland - 'Young Masters is a fantastic concept and should be rolled out all over the U.K.!!'
Anonymous - Really enjoyed looking at this exhibition! It has given me lots of inspiration. The cases were splendid too!'
The Montemayors - 'A lovely exhibition - nice to see the children who work so hard showing off their work'
Gabrielle, Young Masters Student - 'I enjoy being part of this lovely exhibition!'
Alice, Young Masters Student - 'I am Alice and I am back for this exhibition. I really love art'
Fiona, Young Masters Student - 'I really enjoy going to Young Masters and I am really happy that my work is displayed here!'
Ruby, Young Masters Student - 'My friends work is outstanding and I really enjoy coming to my mum's art lessons'
Marie O'Reilly, Parent and Visitor - 'Imagination and skill in the young! Another wonderful exhibition'
Young Masters Summer Exhibition 9 - 16 July 2016 Kala Sangam Arts Centre
The Deighton Family - 'Another triumph! Thank you for all your hard work!'
Jenni Bartlett, Parent and Visitor - 'Young Masters you are an inspiration!'
Sam, Richard and Holly - 'Absolutely beautiful work by all the children. It's fantastic to see everything together, it looks amazing - Holly loves her classes so much! Big Thankyou to all the amazing teachers, you work so hard! With lots of love'
The Shaw Family - 'Fantastic work. Red and Stirling's work is outstanding. What an inspiration! A wonderful example of talent explored. We admire your dedication. Thank you so much on behalf of all parents and families'
Anonymous - 'Beautiful, high quality artwork. Well done to the teachers and children! Amazing!'
Elvira Thorpe, Parent and Visitor - 'We very much enjoy seeing Danis works. Thank you very much for the opportunity'
Anonymous - 'Wonderful display of all the children's work. Excellent end to a wonderful inspiring art course. Keep it up!'
Georgia Eyres, Bradford School of Art - 'What an excellent exhibition. Very strong pieces of art full of imagination, creativity and skill!'
Denise Innes, Visitor and Artist - 'Wonderwork, showing skills and talents of the children! Thank you for all the hard work. I am so glad I found time to be here'
Chris Davey, Parent and Visitor - 'Another wonderful showing of Young Masters talent. Great work! P.S. Loved the charcoal portraits - all very well done, expressive, even haunting!'
Ruth Fettis, Visitor, Teacher and Artist - 'Lovely Exhibition! Beautiful work made by all the children & well done to all the people working hard behind the scenes'
Geoff Reid, Lord Mayor - 'Brilliant Supplementary school'
Chris Reid, Lady Mayoress - 'An amazing event'
Love Livin'Here Young Masters Exhibition 19 - 26 June 2016 Cliffe Castle Museum Keighley
Claire Blacka, Parent and Visitor - 'Another beautiful exhibition. The standard of work is amazing and I am so pleased that Young Masters is such a success. Iris loves it!'
Louise Rayner, Parent, Visitor and Photographer - 'Amazing exhibition of work. I am amazed at the standard and how much Mollie has learned in only a few weeks. Young Masters is a brilliant class and Mollie is looking forward to continuing her work'
Jo, Des, Jess and Becky, Young Masters and their Parents - 'Fantastic memories for the children to cherish forever!'
Sophie and Al, Parents and Visitors - 'Congratulations! Another wonderful exhibition showing the childrens uninhibited creativity. Young Masters is a great art class and the exhibitions are wonderful. It is a delight to see the children's artwork displayed together - so colouful and diverse!'
Alice, Young Masters Student - 'I love Young Masters!'
The McVeigh Family - 'We loved spenting time with the children's masterpieces! Beautiful, farmonious atmosphere and such accomplished works - trully proud of our girls' achievement and another reason to Love Livin'Here!'
Mr Evans, Parent and Visitor - 'A fantastic exhibition showcasing the children's fantastic work. It's so great to see an organisation developing the children's abilities and interests'
Rebekah Williams, Parent and Visitor - 'It is always a pleasure to see the children's artwork. They always enjoy coming to artclass and it is a great that they have an opportunity to their work on display'
Imelda Smith, Parent and Visitor - 'Wow, wonderful! It's Isabella's first exhibition, we love your art classes & think Young Masters is absolutely fab!'
Isabella, Young Masters Student - 'I love Young Masters!'
Ruby, Young Masters Student - 'Thank you mummy - your art school is a joy to do!'
The Butterfield Family, Visitors - 'Fantastic, love all the colours and variety, keep up the good work!'
Anonymous - 'Amazing work! Just shows what children can do given the right teaching!'
Kirsty Gaskin, Cliffe Castle Officer - 'What a pleasure to work with Young Masters! Everyone here at Cliffe Castle has really enjoyed having the exhibition and all the visitors that have come to see it. We were pleased to see the high standard of work from all the children and a high level professionalism of Young Masters organisation'
Young Masters Winter Exhibition 6 - 13 February 2016 at Kala Sangam Arts Centre
Amina, Aleksandra, Aisha, Young Masters Students - 'We love the exhibition and we will never forget it!'
Karin Davey, Parent and Visitor - 'Beautiful! Once again - a fantastic exhibition! Thank you for everything you've taught and inspired in our son!'
Chris Davey, Parent and Visitor - 'It is wonderful to see such creativity and young talent. The children are blessed to have such a great opportunity to explore the world of artistic expression. Thank you to Young Masters teachers who are so dedicated'
Jenny and Wayne Kershaw, Parents and Visitors - 'Such high quality artwork and so beautifully presented at the exhibition. We feel so proud of our daughter and the exhibition has made her feel very special. Thank you for your hard work'
Debi, Visitor - 'What a fabulous way to spend a rainy February morning. Glorious artwork and proud families. Well done to all involved!'
Caroline Chapman, Parent and Visitor - 'Beautiful! Thanks so much for putting together this event. It's wonderful as ever!'
Anonymous - 'Excellent work by the children of all ages and Young Masters team'
Richard Sara, Visitor - 'We celebrate our children's sporting and academic achievements. Today is about celebrating their artistic and creative talents which are often seen as secondary. Today they are first, and quite right too'
Mandie Farrow, Face Painting - 'The work of Young Masters artists is fantastic! Wonderful to see variety and different techniques used. Fabulous exhibition put together shows the beautiful work of the children. Well done to all involved. And thank you for having me to face paint at all your exhibitions'
Sally McArthur, Artist and Visitor - 'Fabulous!! Wonderful to see what talented teachers and students can do together!!'
Sophie Llewellyn Smith, Parent and Visitor - 'Beautiful exhibition which showcases the variety of techniques the children are learning about during their art classes. I loved all the ideas here, from printing to 3D books, and thought the charcoal drawings and Van Gogh-style paintings were particularly effective. Thank you for your hard work and dedication'
Alice, Young Masters Student - 'I love art'
Prashant Wasnik, Parent and Visitor - 'It has been a wonderful experience to view the artwork of young children. It is so much of hard work that children and Young Masters team put in place'
Sharmila Soekhoe, Parent and Visitor - 'Lovely exhibition. Our son has loved working with Young Masters and looks forward to every class. Great ideas each week, lots of lovely projects and fantastic teachers'
The Deightons, Parents and Visitors - 'Another triumph!'
Deputy Lord Mayor, Cllr Abid Hussain - 'It's amazing, it's fantastic and I think we should be proud of ourselves because we are creating young talent in our city and our district. When they grow up, that talent will develop and we will show the rest of the world. They will be graet ambassadors for our district'
Young Masters Christmas Exhibition 'Make It Happen' 6 December 2015 - 31 January 2016
at Young Masters Studio 21 Westfield Lane Idle BD10 8PY
Sophie Llewellyn Smith, Parent and Visitor - 'Lovely exhibition of silk paintings in jewel-like colours, several of which were short-listed for the Bradford City Council Christmas Card competition. Well done on Young Masters classes, where my children enjoy learning new techniques, experimenting and developing their creativity. Thank you!'
Jenny Kershaw, Parent and Visitor - 'Beautiful exhibition. The work has all been presented so effectively. My daughters have really enjoyed the Christmas workshop, and I am so happy to have found the art classes started in Bingley. The teachers are so enthusiastic and patient'
Sharmila Soekhoe, Parent and Visitor - 'Fantastic exhibition - shows all the hard work of the children and the Young Masters team. Since coming to Young Masters my son paints and draws all the time and shows genuine interest in visual arts and history. Nothing like it in Bradford or West Yorkshire full stop! Keep going'
Jianming Qiao, Parent and Visitor - 'Really good exhibition. My daughter is so happy to join Art Classes'
Francine Best, Parent and Visitor - 'Lovely exhibition and I loved the Christmas cards too. My girls love attending Young Masters, and they are learning so much, thanks to all the hard work of all the teachers. Thank you'
The Gill Family, Parents and Visitors - 'Lovely exhibition with some fabulous work on display! Love the new building as well. Thanks again for everyone's effort and hard work!'
Kristian Owens, Visitor - 'Fabulous exhibition in a unique setting for a magical experience; awestruck from the moment we entered the building. Very special classes run by very special and talented people. Thank you'
Rebekah Williams, Parent and Visitor - 'Beautiful exhibition of lovely Christmas paintings. It's really nice to see my children's work displayed and the new building is great!'
Young Masters Summer Exhibition 4 - 11 July 2015 at Kala Sangam Arts Centre
The North Family, Parents and Visitors - 'A spectacular, beautiful, sparkling kaleidoscope of an exhibition. A real catalyst for so much talent. Fabulous!
The Pittock Family - 'Wow, what a display of today's young talent. How fantastic that they have the opportunity to learn, experiment and grow in the Arts'
Grace, 4 - 'Like the art which is up on the walls also I like paintings and the tattoos'
Lilly's, 6 and Evie's, 5 Parents - 'Amazing Fantastic display! Very proud of Lilly and Evie to be a part of it, thank you to everyone at Young Masters'
Mandie Farren, Mandies Fancy Faces - 'It is a real pleasure working with Idle Art Studio and having the opportunity to see the wonderful art work of the talented children'
The Astburys, Parents and Visitors - 'What a fantastic exhibition of all the work. Brilliant to see it displayed in a great location. Credit to all the kids and of course an inspirational teacher. Well done and thank you so much'
The Cassanis, Parents and Visitors - 'Thank you AGAIN for all of your hard work, dedication and enthusiasm. The children really benefit from your passion. The art work is fantastic and beautiful!!'
Helen Burnham, Malachi's Aunt and Visitor - I am amazed at the quality of the art produced by the children. Such a privilege to come and see such a professional exhibition. Well done to everyone involved!'
Stephen Knowles, Parent and Visitor - 'More great work by all the children. The vegetable drawings in the cafe area make me feel hungry. Amazing quality in the drawings when you look closely and hard to believe they done by children so young. Lovely exhibition in great surroundings'
Debby Gill, Parent and Visitor - 'It was a lovely morning and great to see so many fantastic works of art. Thank you!'
Geetha Upadhyaya, Kala Sangam Artistic Director - 'Lovely work of such budding artists at Kala Sangam and their enthusiastic teachers and the commited Virginija who must be so proud - well done to all! Young Masters are trully talented'
Bradford Architectural Jewels Exhibition 21 - 28 June 2015 at Albion Mills
Lynne & Pete Dobson, Visitors - 'Wonderful space and exhibition. Well done for all the hard work'
Darren Goy, Parent and Visitor - 'Fantastic exhibition with very talented artists'
Sam Halliday, Parent and Visitor - 'Fab work from everyone, and a big big Thank you for bringing out Amy's talent and confidence in her!'
Abigail Cassani, Parent and Visitor - 'A great exhibition! Fantastic artwork! Thank you for all of your hard work - my children really love creating art in your classes!'
Rebecca & James Deighton, Parents and Visitors - 'So lovely to see all the children's artwork displayed, particularly in such a great setting. Thank you for organising a wonderful event'
Matt Lamont, FoxDuo Design - 'This is fantastic exhibition. Very artistic and creative. Great work and variety as always. Well done to everyone involved and all the best'
The Astburys, Parents and Visitors - 'Wonderful exhibition of some fantastic pieces of work. Brilliant ideas from the inspiring teachers - well done to all'
Sonja Stubbs, The Dandy Arthouse - 'Oh we love what you do Virginija - always inspiration to so many people'
Amy Cooper, Young Masters student age 6 - 'Fantastic! I like to see all the artwork!'
Fiona Luo, Young Masters student age 7 - 'I love to see lots of different pieces of artwork dotted around the room because I can get lots of ideas on what to draw at home'
Kris, Visitor - 'Unique setting and very professional work!'
Jane Gamble, Young Masters tutor - 'I loved the exhibition. Anything that looks as well displayed as that must be counted as a success. You did the children, and the tutors, great justice, by enhancing their work as you did. Well done Virginija! 
Lord Mayor, Cllr Joanne Dodds - 'What a wonderful exhibition of children's artwork, the detail, quality is awesome. They are all winners and lovely to see that the artwork will be made into a calendar. Looking forward to future exhibitions'
Young Masters Winter Exhibition 7 - 14 February 2015 at Kala Sangam Arts Centre
Jan&Dave McHugh, Parents and Visitors - 'Our daughter has been most excited to see her work in the exhibition and to meet the Lord Mayor too! This art class is a fantastic opportunity to allow children with different abilities to explore and blossom in creativity!'
Ellyce Clapham, Grandparent and Visitor - ​'My granddaughter really enjoyed her lessons and learned a lot of different techniques. She is very impressed with the exhibition'
Karen Davey and Family - 'My son has really enjoyed Young Masters and has grown so much!'
Andrew&Abigail Cassani, Parents and Visitors - 'You do a wonderful job, Virginija & Jane, thank you!'
Pete Turner, FRSA - 'Made me imagine a world where all the adults really listened and watched the children and understood what the world is really like! Great idea, lovely space, a simple joy'
Isabel Pittock, Parent and Visitor - 'We want to do the classes now!'
Jane Gerwitz, Artist and Illustrator - 'Young Masters is such a great idea, well done & long may it continue'
Meg Oxford, ARTbound Community - 'Wonderful display + innovation + brilliant art from our next generation'
Irene Lofthouse, World-Souce Writer - 'Gargoyles are my favourites, lots of stories to be told about those'
Mitch, Sonja and Clare, The Dandy Arthouse - 'Love how you work & what talent you inspire!'
Tony Bullock, Visual Arts coordinator BMDC - 'Another impressive exhibition showing the fantastic work of the young people of the district'
James Deighton and Family - 'Seeing my son's pride in his own work has been priceless'
Ruby Knowles age 9 - 'Well done Mum - bravo bravo!'
Anthony Waddington, Participate Projects  - 'Some fabulous work showing the quality of your classes. My daughter at only 8 weeks looked like she quite wanted a place!'
Rachel Rickards, Participate Projects - ​'Everyone should get a chance to learn with you'
Lady Mayoress of Bradford - '​If I was a little girl I would join Young Masters'
Inna, mum of Elena age 7
My daughter has made a fabulous progress since starting Young Masters: from thinking she cannot do art to winning two awards for her artwork. Thank you very much!
Karin, mum of Arthur age 6
Thank you very much, Arthur had a great time on Thursday and is very excited about starting the sessions! I can honestly say that I think he learned more in that hour and a half than in the past year of attending a different art studio. We were very impressed with the teacher and are so glad to have found you guys!
Young Masters Summer Exhibition 5 - 12 July 2014 at Kala Sangam Arts Centre
Tony Bullock, Visual Arts Coordinator, Bradford MDC - 'An excellent exhibition that shows the massive talent we have in our district among young people. The exhibition is also proof of a great deal of hard work from Mrs Knowles, Sophie and Ellie who are providing high quality art tuition for the young of the district'
Lisa Tallant, Visitor - 'Your artists obviously have passion for this - it comes across in masterpieces'
Suzy Zito, Parent and Visitor - 'Amazing how talented the young people are. My two children attend the art classes and they absolutely love it. They are disappointed it is finishing for the summer'
Kristian Owens, Parent and Visitor - 'Wonderful exhibition and fantastic venue! My son has enjoyed the experience from creation to display'
Karen Pyrah, Parent and Visitor - 'My daughter is so proud to be a part of it all!'
Richard Sara, Visitor - 'Without art a child's education is incomplete. What shines through is how much the kids are enjoying themselves through artistic experience'
Eva Pitt, Visitor - 'I love this exhibition!'
Marie O'Reilly, Visitor - 'The pictures are full of delight and the joy of creativity. It's so good to see the variety of the techniques used and the skills developed'
Mandeep Kaur, Kala Sangam Marketing Manager - 'Cannot believe that these are all painted by Primary School children'
Angela Riches, Mad Publications - 'Hope lots of people come to see this wealth of young talent and send their own children to Young Masters'
V&H Watson, Ex-teachers from the North East - 'It is great to have specialist tuition in a variety of different materials and see such free expression and technique'
Matt Zina, Yorkshire School of Acting - 'When I heard the ages of the artists my jaw dropped!'
Marianne Kay, Parent and Visitor - 'Proud of my children and grateful  for the guidance and education that they received. Magnificent!'
Nik Beedham, Wickes Manager - 'The talent in pupils is stand-out and I'm humbled to have been able to lend my support to this beautiful exhibition in a remarkable city centre location'
Dr Geetha Upadhyaya, Kala Sangam Artistic Director - 'Dr Virginija's effort in creating this exhibition is commendable. Her passion must be applauded and supported. Kala Sangam is delighted to work with Young Masters'
Rev Sarah Jeninson, Thackley Methodist Church - 'So pleased that Thackley Methodist Church has been able to offer space to encourage children's God-given talents and creativity'
Steve O'Connell , Kala Sangam Manager - 'We are delighted to host this exhibition!'
Rebecca, Student age 11
I have really enjoyed working with Sophie, Ellie and Virginija. They have encouraged us all to do the best work we could do as well as giving us some good tips. Thank you!
Isobel, Student age 11
Young Masters has been amazing, it has taught me a whole range of techniques. It has been really fun too. My favourite piece is the bird I made for the bike.
Andrea, mum of Isobel and Rebecca twins age 11
There is so much out there for children who want to extend their skills in music, drama and sport, but this is what we have been missing. My two children have taken part in Young Masters and the quality of work that they have produced is exceptional. Thank you so much!
Jack, Student age 11
Young Masters has taught me some brilliant tips for painting and drawing plus I like make the cool things there as well!
Suzy, mum of Immalia age 7
Since my daughter has been going to Young Masters, she has become so motivated by drawing and creativity.  In a short time she has done various pieces of work in different mediums.  The staff at Young Masters work really hard to offer a variety of art and creative techniques, which has captured my daughter's imagination.  I can only recommend this well organised and professional art class, as money well spent for my child’s education.  A big thank you to all the staff.
Karen, mum of Ava age 8
Ava absolutely loves coming along to the art studio she counts down the number of sleeps until the next class!!! For such a newly established studio it is so professionally set up and the scheduled timetable of each weeks session is brilliant. We have tried so many different activities for hobbies and this is one that she has so much fun with both as an individual and working in a group. We are really looking forward to the exhibition to see all the work you've been doing.
Andrea, mum of Isobel and Rebecca twins age 11
My girls love coming to the art classes and I have been really impressed with what they have done so far! Love the website too... looks great!